Monday, April 25, 2011

Monkey Beach 23rd April 2011

It's been ages since I have another update in this blog of mine. A lot of things happened since my previous post during November 2010. I was shocked to see that I had abandoned my blog for so long. Sorry for all the visitor for such a quiet moments in Valerie-S Photography. Year end S'pore trip, CNY, Ai Leng's wedding and company events had been occupied most of my time. But I will share with you all my latest outing to Monkey Beach. It's the first time I join the group to Monkey Beach but I did some camping the previous one which is very exciting. The difference is that this round we take the road trip to the beach instead of my previous boat trip.

This round of road trip once again give me the feeling of taking shots which I had longed leave behind. The shots where there is no datelines or pressure is really satisfying. I hope the shots below represent some of the good ones. :) Enjoy!~


kelvin-tan said...

nice photos!! :-)

Valerie said...

Thank you

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